Need a productively boost at home? Use these apps!

Need a productivity boost, especially when working from home? You'll find the solution in your pocket. While your smartphone can be a source of distraction, it can also be utilized to work more effectively and do more in less time. The apps below will get you started on a more productive working day!

Microsoft Planner

Schedule yourself online and share tasks with your team. With this project management tool you can gain more insights into who takes on which tasks while keeping an eye on deadlines. SharePoint, Teams and Outlook connect seamlessly in this Office 365 app. Ideal for remote collaboration!


You suddenly have a good idea, but you're not near your computer or notebook. In this app, you can take a photo, write a note or leave a message. Braintoss sends all your brainwaves directly to your mailbox. When you send these emails automatically to a special folder, you immediately have a handy overview of all your ideas. Forgetting ideas is now a thing of the past.

Adobe Scan

You can easily scan notes and paper documents with Adobe Scan. Point your smartphone at the paper, take a photo and the paper is on your phone as a PDF. Email, sign or adjust documents easily in the app. No more copiers needed!


Take notes, save images and articles, make to-do lists: Evernote can do it all. You no longer need post-its, to-do lists and bookmarks, because everything is bundled in an easy and organized overview.


Improve your focus with the Forest app. Set how long you want to study or work, and plant a beautiful virtual forest with your productivity. The longer you're productive, the bigger the tree you get as a reward. Are you using your phone earlier than your set time? Then the tree will wilt. You can even save points to have real trees planted. Accept the challenge and make your screen — and the world — a bit greener.


This brain training app gives you a series of short assignments every day to train and grow your brain in the fields of making connections, memory, attention and problem-solving skills. By doing the assignments daily during your breakfast, you give your brain — and with it your day — a kick start!


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