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Energy Outlook Report 2021/2022

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The Energy Outlook Report is an exclusive review of the state of the global energy industry and highlights future trends within Oil and Gas, Renewables and Mining. We have surveyed almost 17,000 people worldwide across the energy sector to map and understand the unprecedented challenges that today’s industry faces. These findings are only available from Brunel and OGJS (Oil and Gas Job Search).

  • 59%
    of energy workers
    said they received no assistance whatsoever when they were let go from their energy jobs during COVID-19
  • 43%
    of energy workers 
    state that they want to leave the energy industry in the next five years
  • 76%
    of energy workers
    state that they do not know how to report an incident of discrimination in the workplace

What is the report for and who is it for?

As the energy sector continues through the energy transition each sector faces continuing challenges around new regulations, price fluctuations, attracting and retaining talent, digitalisation and both positive and negative reputations. To power the industry successfully requires more flexibility and expertise than ever before. Energy prices continue to climb, and demand is reaching an all-time high as the world comes back online after 18+ months of pandemic shutdowns. While the energy industry is accustomed to challenges, 2022 is about to add a new challenge: Enormous shifts in workforce capabilities, job engagement and skills shortages. 

Brunel is proud of our partnership with Oil and Gas Job Search which has enabled us to join forces to  provide these exclusive insights. This survey has unearthed eye-opening shocking findings that are both up to date and unique.

What sectors does the report cover?

Oil and Gas pipeline

Oil and Gas

From an environmental viewpoint, the biggest challenge is the reduced demand for oil and gas jobs due to increasing interest in renewables and alternative energies (34%). Even the best paying jobs in oil and gas are being affected by the skill shortages and issues around job security within the sector. Workers in oil jobs, such as oil rig jobs, offshore rig jobs and oil refinery jobs, are less confident in finding work than last year, with 75% saying they are extremely-to-moderately confident, compared to 81% last year.
Solar panels


The rise in Renewable energy recruitment interest is evident from the confidence employees in the industry are showing. In renewables this year, 89% are confident, they would find work compared to 82% last year. This will come as good news to energy recruitment and be more specific Renewable energy recruitment agencies.



There is an increase in employability confidence within mining as 87% are confident they would find new employment in the energy industry up from last year, 84.6%. Good news for Mining recruitment companies.. There is a rise in interest in the mining industry from the younger generation as we see technological developments, better wages and increased safety measures coming into effect. The higher salaries offered in mining jobs is a key attraction for younger talent.

How to read the Report?

The Energy Outlook Report provides employees, recruiters and employers with insights on the industry and practical advice on how to move into the future. Information on how to solve the skills gap to increasing and improving diversity in the workplace (D&I). It advises how to position one's brand and discusses how to attract top talent in a fiercely competitive market.

Introducing three themes to disseminate the information accordingly

Findings that highlight the shift in concern regarding topics such as supply chain challenges, skill shortages, job security & environmental attitudes. According to 31% of recruiters, an ageing workforce and associated skills shortages are the biggest challenges for the energy industry.

This discusses the current recruitment challenges across the industry, looking at specific recruitment challenges, employee outlook, salary and benefits. 43% of workers want to leave the energy industry altogether in the next 5 years.

This informs of topics that are potentially holding back the energy industry from attracting and retaining top talent. It highlights the top areas employees want to see improvements in moving forward. 31% of energy workers say they have been personally targeted by workplace discrimination.

Jilko Andringa

The energy industry is changing dramatically, and where there is change, there are always opportunities.

Jilko Andringa, Chief Executive Officer of Brunel International N.V.

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