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Brunel Foundation

We help create a better future for professionals and a better planet for future professionals

Sustainable development goals

About the Brunel Foundation

The Brunel Foundation was founded in 2012 by Maritska Aarts and Femke Dijkstra, two passionate Brunellers who shared the goal of doing good together. It has since grown into a global foundation that supports both Brunel’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It also continuously inspires us to positively impact the environment and contribute to a better society.



Femke Dijkstra and Maritska Aarts of the Brunel Foundation

A decade of inspiring, impacting and educating people

Doing good, together. That’s exactly the goal Maritska Aarts and Femke Dijkstra had when they won an internal ideas contest in 2012. Their idea, the Brunel Foundation, became a reality thanks to their passion and dedication and the hard work and support of volunteer Brunellers around them.

Our interview with the Brunel Foundation Directors

Brunel Foundation: Celebrating 10 Years of Doing Good Together

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We build a better future for our professionals by positively influencing the labor market for people on the autism spectrum. We raise awareness by helping them unlock their talent and connect to the labor market in a meaningful way. In so doing, we create awareness, educate and mobilize our people to support a diverse and inclusive culture.

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We build a better planet for our (future) professionals by helping to increase environmental awareness and inspire inspiring people to build sustainable behaviors. These include supporting the ecosystem through the growth of the Global Brunel Foundation Forest, for example, as well as our Trash ‘n’ Trace initiative, which takes action to reduce (plastic) waste before it gets into the water.

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We encourage our employees, candidates, clients, industries and society at large to actively contribute to a more sustainable world. Our aim is to foster engagement on all levels, from the bottom up, by capturing and connecting passion, talent and intrinsic motivation.

Together we create impact

The Brunel Foundation is managed by Femke Dijkstra and Maritska Aarts. It is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working together with colleagues – the global Foundation community – we seek to inspire others and set up initiatives across all regions to contribute to our mission.

To create maximum impact, our regional community focuses on specific interests in each region and stimulates local partnerships that align with our commitment to people and the planet. Through this community, we join forces and work together on a global scale.

By inspiring colleagues, partners and clients on the global and local levels, we aim to strengthen Brunel's sense of community and strives to be a catalyst for change, both within Brunel and beyond.

Want to reach out?

If you would like to take part, discuss initiatives, have ideas to contribute,  or would like to share some feedback, please contact Femke and Maritska via

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