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You're at the right place. The Oil and Gas industry is one of the world’s largest in dollar value — meaning there’s a global demand for talent in engineering, technical, administrative and corporate roles.

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For the The Cameron Liquefaction, Brunel provided a project team to supervise the EPC phase of the p... This Project is one of Australia’s largest resource developments and the nation’s first liquefied na... Brunel provided a project team of >100 technical specialists and another 60 technical specialists co... PNG LNG project is an integrated development that includes gas production and processing facilities ...

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In the Oil and Gas industry, offshore worker roles are wide-ranging. For example, as an offshore dri... An oil tanker or oil rig breakdown often has devastating consequences for the environment, fisheries... Curious about the life cycle of an Oil and Gas project? Here, we break down the steps of the process... With the speed of the energy transition increasing rapidly, thousands of people who have been workin... When searching for the best professionals for an Oil and Gas project, there are a lot of factors to ...