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You're at the right place. As Brunel recruits technology-related specialists in 40+ countries in dozens of industries, it's hard to find an industry where Information Technology (IT) does not have a growing share in innovation. From analyzing and optimizing processes in autonomous mining, teaching machines in the automotive industry to hit the brakes when a child unexpectedly crosses the street, or enabling millions to work from home during quarantine: IT is vital to the future of all major industries. 

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With IT employment growing by 55% over the past ten years, it has outpaced other sectors significantly — meaning there's no shortage of career opportunities.

IT professionals will power the future for decades. And as the preferred recruiters for many of the world's technologically-advanced companies, Brunel is always looking for IT talent. From system engineers to java developers; from German automotive to Australian mining; from students just out of university to seasoned experts who have been coding since Delphi: whether you're just getting started in your career or are ready for something new, you can grow your IT career with Brunel.

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