How to take control of your own happiness at work

You spend more time with your colleagues than with your loved ones when you have a full-time job. So you better make sure you have fun at work! Sounds logical, but this is not obvious to everyone. What do you think about 'happiness at work'? Many employees think of a good salary or a fast lease car; so external factors. Research has shown that the degree to which we experience happiness is determined by how we are in life; so internal factors. That means that we ourselves have influence on our own happiness at work! Even if you work from home . How is that? We have 5 insights for you!

Kindness has no time

Everyone has an off day, but reacting to your environment has the opposite effect. It is precisely by being friendly with your colleagues - offline and online - that you automatically feel better. Even on days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. In addition, you influence your work environment with a thoughtful gesture. After all, kindness often leads to a similar reaction, which stimulates the working atmosphere in a positive way.

An optimistic view works immediately

Optimism plays an important role in achieving personal goals and is therefore essential for happiness at work. You already enjoy life by thinking back to a positive event or by simply having an eye for the beautiful and small things around you. Looking forward to something also helps, if only for that fresh latte macchiato from your own espresso machine!

Sharing is good news for many

There are many ways to share, and the effect is always positive. So offer your help or advice if you see a colleague struggling with a deadline. Conversely, the advice is to ask for support yourself if you get stuck on something. Sharing in this way yields a multiplication of positivity. This also applies to success: by sharing moments of success - no matter how small - with your colleagues, you not only give these moments the attention they deserve; you stimulate positivity within the team, and good results tend to inspire others.

Learn how to motivate yourself

Being able to set and pursue personal goals has a positive effect on your happiness at work. This is all the more true if your goals match what you stand for as a person. Setting realistic goals provides direction and increases the chance of actually achieving these goals, which in turn has a positive effect on your performance. Achieving goals then increases your resilience, which in turn strengthens your optimism and self-confidence. In this way, you can adapt more easily when it comes to new, challenging situations, and you also manage to deal with setbacks better.

A heartfelt compliment does not cost a cent

There are many advantages to giving a heartfelt compliment. Not only do you pay attention to something positive, which grows as a result, but you also give the recipient a good feeling. You can give compliments in many ways; offline, online, in the workplace, from your home workplace ... Speaking of which: if you work at home on your own and you've made an important deadline or fixed a bug, you can also pat yourself on the back. Even a compliment to yourself activates the reward center in your brain, which results in a good feeling. 

What can we add to that? Two things: if you are in a home working situation and you are proud of your achievement, then share it online with your colleagues. Do you get complimentary responses back? Receive them, because shared success is double success!