Renewables - A fast changing world

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Identifying talent in an industry that moves faster than Usain Bolt 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that the world is changing at an incredible pace. 
The existence of global warming might still be a topic of debate in some countries, but this hasn’t stopped renewable innovation from moving forward, and the path toward a cleaner and greener planet is a top priority for many countries. All nations face increasing demand for energy, and all are under pressure to find environmentally friendly ways to produce that energy. 

The energy business is changed

The energy business is not just going through a period of change – it has already changed. 
Every day we see reports on improvements or innovations within the renewables industry. New companies are springing up faster than Usain Bolt does the 100 meters, and the traditional giants are investing millions into environmental friendlier projects and businesses. Whether it’s solar power, wind power, bioenergy, geothermal energy or any of the other renewable innovations, the pattern is the same: it’s growing and it’s growing fast.

Change equals opportunity

 A fast-paced industry like ours means great opportunities for a company like Brunel –  the sector is demanding talent at an incredible rate. For candidates, this means exciting new prospects and careers, careers that require a wealth of technical skills. For employers, the challenge is finding people with the right abilities and experience to work on their projects.

Traditional education is struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving industry, and experienced people are increasingly difficult to find. This is primarily because experience within such a relatively new industry is limited or nonexistent. 

So how can the industry keep innovating at this rapid pace without the necessary talent to drive it? Finding and hiring the right people is not as simple as offering the biggest salaries and best benefits. The challenge in the renewables industry is identifying talent that either has the potential to learn on the job, or has transferable skills from other industries.

Complexities of the search

Social media and online platforms are making the jobs of most HR and recruiters easier than ever before. But do these platforms work for the renewables industry? How do these online platforms perform when the search is complex and the job titles and responsibilities are forever evolving? Many of these digital tools have been designed to source candidates based on their listed experience, past positions, companies and education. But in an industry of such rapid evolution, what happens when the candidate hasn’t yet gained the right experience? The recruiter’s job has become more complex; not only must they fully understand what the client is looking for but they also need to be able to predict which candidates are capable of learning on the job. 

It’s not like looking for a needle in haystack, it’s more like searching a haystack for a needle that has not yet been designed and manufactured!

Strategy and experience

At Brunel, we understand that to be successful a strategic and sensible approach is required. Identifying a partner who knows what they’re doing and already has candidates in hand; a partner who is highly experienced in technical recruitment and understands technical education and transferable skills.

As the renewable industry races forward, the recruitment industry needs to go back to its roots, back to traditional recruitment to source the right candidates. Knowing candidates personally and having regular interaction and contact is more important than ever. 

We’ve been immensely successful in supporting the renewables industry because we know our candidates. We take raw talent, or experienced experts with transferable skills, and guide them on a new path to success. 

With many happy candidates and clients identified and matched we’re doing our part toward creating a cleaner and greener world. 

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