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Chameleons are known for their ability to transform themselves in order to blend into their surroundings. According to experts, however, chameleons aren’t able to match every environment they find themselves in. We could say the same about technical candidates.

Innovation in the renewables industry

As the renewables industry grows, so does the demand for talent to work within it. That’s where Brunel comes in. The entire industry is based on innovation, and so requires new types of talent with new types of skills. It’s an attractive industry for many candidates – both the younger and older generations are drawn to the idea of contributing to a healthier planet.
Many candidates wonder what sort of jobs are available and what skills are needed for a great opportunity. The good news is that positions are available across a wide range of fields. The main areas of development are in solar, wind, biomass and bioenergy; and the opportunities range from corporate roles through to highly technical roles; from R&D to planning, construction, installation, commissioning and run-and-maintain.
This situation is not dissimilar to jobs in existing industries, such as Oil & Gas and Construction. At Brunel, we find that these are two of the best places to start looking for talent for the renewables industry – people with strong technical backgrounds and a solid understanding of how large, expensive projects work.
This is welcome news for those working in Oil & Gas, where the future has grown increasingly bleak in recent years. Other sectors, such as Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical, also develop skills well suited to the renewables industry.

The change industry

Candidates new to the industry need to be open to change because in renewables, change is a constant. The emphasis on innovation results in rapidly evolving designs and improvements. Candidates with an eye for detail and a creative flair for improving ideas are highly sought after. Brainstorming and challenging designs are key to ensuring this industry becomes even stronger.
Companies are looking for candidates with strong engineering and technical skills, coupled with creativity. The opportunities are there, but working with an experienced partner like Brunel is essential to landing the right role. Whether you’re a potential candidate or a client searching for talent, it pays to select a partner with strong technical understanding.

Creative staffing solutions

With so much innovation comes plenty of scheduled projects. Projects are generally only considered a success when they’re planned and executed on time and on budget. Staffing such projects is a resourcing challenge – finding candidates with the right experience often means looking for transferable skills and experience. A wide variety of roles are usually required, including manufacturing, project management, electronic engineering, software engineering, automotive engineering, field technicians, risk management, health and safety management and construction experts.
Finding candidates with these skills means sourcing them from other industries. It means looking at a candidate’s experience in detail and identifying the skills that are transferable. In other words, it means finding a chameleon, someone who has all the right ingredients and who can quickly adapt and change to their new surroundings.

Experience counts

With huge projects on the horizon, clients are looking for capable, experienced partners who can identify these chameleons as well as deliver volume. It’s not always easy to find such a partner; experience within project recruitment delivery in this industry is often elusive. Brunel is a company with precisely this experience and as with the renewables industry, we have the innovation and expertise to deliver complete solutions to help our clients meet their objectives.

The emphasis on innovation results in rapidly evolving designs and improvements. Candidates with an eye for detail and a creative flair for improving ideas are highly sought after.

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