Statement of Work

Expert management of project-based services

Today’s market faces an increased demand for project-based work. With a Statement of Work (SoW), clients have the option to outsource their work for an all-inclusive price.

SoW agreements detail specific terms for delivering exact services and/or goods, including the scope of service, pricing, deliverables and timelines.

Managing agreements for construction, processing, fabrication, assembly, installation, repair/commissioning of movable or immovable properties and more, Brunel assists clients expanding operations with cost savings and minimized risks.

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Relying on a Responsible & Qualified Partner

Brunel manages the responsibility and risk for the execution and quality of work or service, delivering first-rate results through our access to industry experts, innovative technologies and quality control measures. This includes staff selection, calculation of the quantity of work, quality control and project management.

Data Protection

Your Services, Your Choice

Brunel’s comprehensive solutions offer flexibility and customizability for your specific project needs and business goals. We devise a tailor-made strategy based on project scope, business values, expertise required and deadlines.


Transparency Prioritized

We remove grey areas by clearly defining the scope and parameters of the project, detailing the specific services needed to complete the project successfully. Transparent pricing and clear agreements eliminates any potential confusion or uncertainty.

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Measurable Contract Performance

Outsourcing performance is not left to chance. We ensure our clients are able to track progress and receive work or services that match their own internal quality control standards. Our SoW team is equipped with technology and software available to conduct periodic reviews and assessments.

IT Security

History of Quality Service

With over 20 years of experience within the labor market across the globe, Brunel has an unbeatable network of industry professionals and the capability to turn your projects into successful ventures.