Mining metal copper

Rio Tinto

Locations: Australia, Canada and United States (Utah)

Rio Tinto: Project Overview

Brunel was a selected vendor for Rio Tinto in April 2012, supporting operations in Canada and the United States. Brunel’s relationship with Rio Tinto includes Category 1, 2, and 3.

In September 2016, Brunel was awarded the Category 2 Project Management Team opportunity. Brunel successfully grew the team to 40 employees at peak to support the Engineering and Projects Team. This fully supervised team is responsible for fleet management, compliance, and cross-training for multiple sites. Brunel’s team has proven to be a cost-effective solution for Rio Tinto.

In September 2017, Brunel was asked to manage the Shuttle Service for the Bingham Canyon Mine. This included 45 drivers who transport the workers in and out of the mine on a daily basis including the seasonal visitor centre.

In September 2019, the Kennecott Tailings project management team, Brunel construction management team, and more than 200 contract employees obtained a significant milestone reaching 3 years and 500,000 man hours without any recordable injuries.


Brunel maintains an 80% fill rate in the United States which resulted in over 800 placements throughout the course of our relationship. This can be attributed to the overall partnership in recruitment, account management, finance, logistics, operations and compliance support. 

Services Provided by Brunel

■ Compliance
■ Contract & Direct Hire
■ Employment Services
■ Fleet Management
■ Full Service Project Management
■ Global Mobility
■ Immigration
■ Talent acquisition
■ Travel and Logistics

Job Categories Supplied

■ Administrative
■ Construction Management
■ Engineering
■ HSE, Quality
■ Procurement & SCM
■ Project Controls
■ Project Management
■ Project Personnel and Corporate Functions
■ Project Services
■ Skilled Trades

Areas Supported

■ Concentrator
■ Mine
■ Reclamation and Remediation
■ Refinery
■ Smelter
■ Tailings