Baltic 2 (Kriegers Flak) Offshore Wind Farm Project (EnBW) Project Overview

Offshore wind farm (288MW) located 32km north of the island of Rügen, in the western part of the German Baltic Sea. It covers an area of approximately 27km². The offshore wind farm has an output capacity of 1.2bn kWh a year, which is sufficient to serve approximately 340,000 households and is equivalent to offsetting 900,000t of CO2 emissions a year. The wind farm is designed to operate for 25 years.


The construction works for the wind farm were initiated in August 2013 and the first and last turbines were erected in August 2014 and June 2015 respectively. The first power from the project was fed to the national grid in April 2015 and commissioning was completed in September that year. 


Brunel Project Team

Brunel has been awarded a contract for provision of a team of 10-15 key personnel for the duration of the planning, engineering, commissioning transport & installation phases of the project.

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